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Psychologist identified reason for our eternal search for meaning of life

Psychologist identified reason for our eternal search for meaning of life Why we seek the meaning of life (photo: Freepik)

People always seek the meaning of their lives, and this constant quest can indeed contribute to mental challenges and self-doubt.

Why individuals are perpetually in search of meaning, according to psychologist Oleksii Satanovskyi.

Why do we constantly seek the meaning of life? Often, we look for our lives in grand things, in achievements, and in our dreams. Yet, when we don't reach them, we begin to think that we are worthless. However, these thoughts are highly mistaken, and the meaning of life is found not in big things but in the little details.

"We search for the meaning of life because we engage in things we don't want to do. When a person does what they enjoy, something that brings them joy, satisfaction, where they can express themselves, they don't ponder on the meaning of their life," says the psychologist.

"Thoughts about the meaning of life, goals, the mission of life - these are only there to fill certain voids," adds Oleksii.

"When I talk about voids, I mean those moments when you don't feel the joy of life, and there's emptiness inside you. These thoughts about the meaning of life, which you can spend a lot of time on, including answering them, are only necessary to fill this emptiness," notes the psychologist.

Oleksii also mentioned that people should start doing what they want, even gradually, taking small steps toward the life they want to live, without sacrificing their work and essential activities.

Small steps help us fill our thoughts and not dwell on the meaning of life or on our shortcomings, which prevent us from moving forward and creating that very meaning of life that will fulfill and inspire us to new achievements in various aspects of life.

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