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5 clear indicators of healthy parent-adult child relationships

5 clear indicators of healthy parent-adult child relationships Signs that you have normal relationship with your parents (photo: Freepik)

Strong and healthy relationships with parents contribute to adequate communication with them. They provide many positive emotions, and the assurance that support can always be found, even in adulthood, says psychologist Irina Kulik.

According to the specialist, it is worth being aware of the signs that indicate normal relationships with parents in adulthood.

Mutual respect

This is evident when you respect your parents, and they also respect your views and decisions. If your parents support you in all endeavors, then you have ideal parents. After all, support from loved ones is always crucial in any matter, but there are cases when it is lacking.

Open communication

The psychologist mentioned that healthy relationships with parents indicate that you can openly discuss any topics with them and express your thoughts without fear of judgment.


In particular, when needed, you can emotionally and physically support each other.

It's not good when children hide their emotions from their parents. This is often a sign of significant problems in the child's relationship with their mother or father.

Do not close off from the child and do not distract them from their feelings. Listen carefully and try to understand.


Each of us has our own space and the ability to make our own decisions without feeling intrusive.

Shared moments

You can enjoy time spent with your parents, share interests and joys. In such moments, you won't be afraid that your parents won't understand you or judge you for certain actions.

In particular, you will be confident that you are with people with whom you feel comfortable.

How to improve relationships with parents

There are no universal strategies or magic advice. Each situation is individual. If you decide to improve relationships, start from your own experience and the history of your relationships with your parents.

First, understand what you have already done and what has come out of it.

But first, make sure you are truly ready to improve your relationship with your parents. It's best to sit down and make a list of 5-10 answers to the question "why," so that each subsequent item follows from the previous one. This will help you understand what you expect from communication.