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Psychologist identified primary indicators affirming your proficiency as mother

Psychologist identified primary indicators affirming your proficiency as mother Signs that you are a good mother (photo: Freepik)

Parents often worry about whether they are raising their children right. It's very easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other parents. Some signs indicate you are a good mom.

Here's how to understand that you are a good mom for your child.

The material was prepared concerning sources such as the Instagram page of psychologist Iryna Kulik and the Motherly website.

Love and care

According to the psychologist, mothers show the deepest love and care for their children. They create a warm and safe environment for them.

Understanding and support

You are a good mom if you are always ready to listen to your children, understand their feelings, and provide support in all life situations.

Parenting and teaching

You actively participate in the parenting and teaching of your children, helping them develop skills and values for a successful life. You don't scold them for mistakes but help them avoid them in the future.

Child shows various emotions to you

It's not ideal when children hide their emotions from their parents. Often, this is a sign of significant issues in the parent-child relationship.

Don't close yourself off from your child and don't distract them from their feelings. Listen attentively and try to understand.

You encourage the child's development

When you encourage your child to develop their interests and talents, it helps them reach new heights.

This positive approach guides the child through adolescence and the early years of adulthood.

Such an approach teaches perseverance and helps protect against risky behavior.

Things to avoid for parents in child-rearing

Making the child the center of the universe

If your life revolves around your children, they will grow up thinking that everyone should serve them.

Self-centered adults don't go far in life. Direct children towards development.

Letting fear influence choices

Teach children that the best way to overcome fear is to confront it. This helps raise brave individuals who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Empowering children with unprepared authority

If a child decides what the family will have for dinner or where they will go on vacation, parents are giving them authority for which the child is not ready developmentally.

Allow children to make simple decisions.

Allowing children to avoid responsibility

It can be tempting to exempt a child from household duties to ensure a carefree childhood. However, children who perform age-appropriate responsibilities are not overwhelmed.

Don't shield children from taking on responsibilities.

Not letting children make mistakes

Correcting homework, checking if everything is packed for school, and constantly reminding children of their duties are not beneficial.

Allow children to make mistakes. It helps them grow stronger and wiser.