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Psychologist explained why men often offend women

Psychologist explained why men often offend women Why men often offend women (photo: Freepik)

Men often offend women quite frequently, especially their own, and may not even realize it, or worse, do it intentionally.

This phenomenon occurs for various reasons, according to a video conversation between psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko and Oleh Bohomaz.

Why do men offend and disparage women

In relationships, it happens that men do not listen to their wives, they disdain them, say sharp and insulting things, and this is not normal, but this behavior has an explanation.

Yes, women can also exhibit such behavior, but due to lesser strength, they often restrain themselves.

According to Oleh Bohomaz, such behavior manifests strong aggression, which can accumulate in a person for a long time. This can be expressed in disrespect, anger, and physical violence.

"It's a way of releasing inner pain. It's like a wounded dog, you want to help it, but it bites you in response. It's a state of a wounded heart, and it could have been like that since childhood," says Oleh.

Психолог пояснив, чому чоловіки так часто ображають жінок

Why do men so often offend women (photo: Freepik)

The expert also noted that such men are usually raised by aggressive fathers. That is, the man did not see another model of behavior, perhaps he was beaten, and now the only form of communication for him is aggression.

Such men may have a certain mindset of Be a man, which simply does not allow him to be kind, because a man is something strong and rough in his world. After all, such a model of behavior was passed down in some families from generation to generation.

Indeed, for example, those men whose fathers in the family drank and beat their mothers - there is no other dimension for them anymore. They are unloved, and hence comes the aggression, which they unleash through rough treatment towards their loved ones, such as their wives, fiancées, beloved girlfriends, and so on.

"Another medically proven reason is male pornography addiction. This makes men less sensitive, shows the same aggression, and they are less interested in their wives. Pornography makes a man dull, and here he needs to be saved," says Bohomaz.