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Prime Minister of Spain suspended his duties

Prime Minister of Spain suspended his duties Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (photo: Getty Images)

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has decided to temporarily suspend his duties for several days amid a corruption scandal involving his wife, according to Reuters.

"I need to pause and think. At this point, I have to ask myself: is it all worth it? I honestly don't know... whether I should continue to lead the government or renounce this honour," Sanchez said.

He also emphasized that he will publicly announce his decision on whether to remain in office as prime minister or resign next Monday.

According to Reuters, Sanchez made his statement on the same day that a Spanish court began a preliminary investigation into possible corruption by his wife, Begona Gomez.

"The court investigating Gomez did not provide further details as the case is sealed and in early stages, only saying it followed a complaint raised by anti-graft campaign group Manos Limpias - Clean Hands - whose leader has links to the far-right," agency sources said.

According to this organization, the prime minister's wife allegedly used her influence to secure sponsors for a university program she leads.

"Sanchez said the seriousness of the attacks against him and his wife merited a measured response," the sources added.

Earlier, Sanchez stated the need to increase investments in the defense industry at the European level in the face of Russian aggression. In particular, to strengthen the deterrent potential and raise the industry's sector to a level that corresponds to the European economy.