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World currently experiences global war in parts - President Mattarella

World currently experiences global war in parts - President Mattarella Photo: Italian President Sergio Mattarella (Getty Images)

President of Italy Sergio Mattarella stated that the world is currently experiencing a global war in parts due to a significant number of conflicts, according to the president's administration press service.

"Unfortunately, we must note that not only Kyiv is still defending against unacceptable Russian aggression, but many other regions of our planet are currently in a more dangerous state than last year," he said.

According to him, due to the overturn of values caused by the attack on the rules of the international community, aggression against stability and peace has had negative consequences in all areas of the Earth.

The President of Italy emphasized that the Middle East is again shaken by a spiral of violence after the grand terrorist attacks by Hamas on unarmed Israeli citizens.

"The situation in Gaza has been characterized by the UN leadership as apocalyptic, and the remnants of territories under the control of the Palestinian National Administration also suffer severe hardships due to the violence inflicted on the people," he added.

Furthermore, Mattarella added that in Europe, Moscow's war against Ukraine continues to cause unspeakable suffering to the civilian population and has dramatic consequences worldwide.

"We are concerned about the damage inflicted on our planet by viruses or natural disasters, but we must understand that the greatest danger comes from the lamentable behavior of some governments, armed formations, and terrorist groups," he added.

The President of Italy spoke about the insightfulness of Pope Francis regarding global conflicts.

"It is impossible not to acknowledge the insightfulness of Pope Francis, who ten years ago first spoke about the world war in parts. This warning, relevant now more than ever, cannot be ignored; it calls for a more conscious reading of reality. These fragments of war, essentially, risk creating a false perspective, deceiving our ability to analyze and understand," he emphasized.