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Prague shooting: 11 dead including shooter, many injured

Prague shooting: 11 dead including shooter, many injured Photo: 11 people dead as a result of shooting in Prague (

As a result of the shooting in the center of Prague, Czechia, at least 11 people, including the assailant, have died, reports the City of Prague Emergency Medical Service.

It is also reported that approximately 25 people were also injured:

  • 9 are seriously injured;

  • 5-6 sustained injuries of moderate severity;

  • Up to 10 received minor injuries.

"The numbers may still change," added the medical service.

Shooting in the center of Prague

Today, the Czech police reported a shooting at a school located in Jan Palach Square.

The police almost immediately stated that the shooter had been neutralized.

Oleg Nikolenko, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, announced that information about affected Ukrainians has not yet been received. Ukrainian diplomats are in contact with Czech law enforcement.