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Polish Sejm appoints Tusk as Prime Minister

Polish Sejm appoints Tusk as Prime Minister Photo: Prime Minister of Poland (Getty Images)

On Monday evening, December 11th, the Polish Sejm elected Donald Tusk as the Prime Minister, reports Polish Radio.

The election of Tusk's candidacy took place within the framework of the so-called second constitutional step. 248 deputies voted in favor of Tusk as the prime minister, 201 voted against, and no one abstained.

"First of all, I want to thank the Polish people. Thank you, Poland, this is truly a wonderful day - not for me, but for all those who believed for many years that things would get better, that we would drive away the darkness. And it happened - thanks to you," Tusk said after the vote.

Zelenskyy congratulated Tusk

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated Tusk on his election as the Prime Minister of Poland by the Sejm.

"The future of Ukraine and Poland lies in unity, mutual assistance, and strategic partnership to defeat our common enemy. When we stand together, the freedom of our peoples is invincible," he wrote on X.

The president added that Ukraine values the support of Poland.

"Together we strengthen each other and all of Europe. I am confident that Ukraine and Poland will continue to be committed to the cause of defending world freedom," he emphasized.

Elections in Poland

Parliamentary elections in Poland took place on October 15, and the results determined the 460 members of the Sejm.

As a result of the elections, the opposition gained the majority: the Civic Platform led by former President of the European Council Donald Tusk, the alliance "Third Way," and the Left Party. In November, pro-European parties in Poland reached an agreement to form a coalition.

On December 1, Polish President Andrzej Duda promised not to delay the process of appointing a government from the opposition if the Morawiecki cabinet failed to receive a vote of confidence.

The main candidate for prime minister, Donald Tusk, presented the composition of his government on December 8.