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Duda assures no delay in appointing opposition government

Duda assures no delay in appointing opposition government Photo: Polish President Andrzej Duda (Getty Images)

Polish President Andrzej Duda has promised not to delay the process of appointing an opposition government if Mateusz Morawiecki's government fails to receive a vote of confidence, writes RMF24.

Journalists asked the head of the Polish state on the sidelines of the climate summit what he would do if Morawiecki's government did not receive a vote of confidence in parliament. The official has two weeks for this, but it is already known that there is no such majority in the National Assembly.

"I will not delay the procedure, and I will not postpone anything," emphasized Duda.

He reminded that he instructed Morawiecki to form a government immediately after his resignation, although theoretically, he could have done it later.

"As I promised, I will do everything calmly, in accordance with our parliamentary, electoral, and political customs, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution... Everything will be in accordance with constitutional norms and terms," clarified the president.


It is worth noting that the vote for Morawiecki's government in parliament is scheduled for Monday, December 11, around 3:00 PM.

If the government does not receive a vote of confidence, new candidates for the position of prime minister will be presented to the speaker.

The main candidate for prime minister, Donald Tusk, expects that the vote for the opposition government will also take place on December 11, and on December 13, he will take the oath of office.