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Polish Prime Minister Tusk stands firm against anti-Ukrainian sentiments in government

Polish Prime Minister Tusk stands firm against anti-Ukrainian sentiments in government Photo: Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland (Getty Images)

There should be no doubts worldwide about the support for Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated in an interview with TVN24.

As Tusk revealed, the Polish party Law and Justice in the previous government "tried to play on anti-Ukrainian notes" in the last months of the election campaign. However, personally, the Prime Minister will not allow anyone in his government to build their position on anti-Ukrainian sentiments.

"Because when it comes to the war and our support, like the entire Western world, for Ukraine in its resistance to Russia, there can be no doubts. Ukraine in the war with Russia needs help from us and the entire world. Because, in fact, as long as Ukraine is fighting with Russia, we are relatively safe," explained Tusk.

According to him, in any situation, Poland's task will be to resist discouragement when it comes to helping Ukraine. In this regard, he is actively working with European partners.

At the same time, he noted that the Russian Federation has shifted its economy to "military tracks," which may prolong the war.

"Europe must respond to this challenge and invest more money to buy weapons and increase Europe's defense capabilities. We cannot pretend that nothing is happening. In matters like arming and supporting Ukraine in the war, there can be no hesitation. For me, this is an undeniable fact," he added.

The future visit of Tusk to Ukraine

On December 13, it became known that Tusk was invited to visit Ukraine. The next day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally invited the newly appointed prime minister to Kyiv.

As reported by Polish media, the visit is needed to initiate a reset between the countries. Relations became tense after the border blockade with Ukraine by Polish carriers and the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain imposed by Warsaw.

Tusk announced a meeting with the leader of Poland, Andrzej Duda. It is expected that one of the topics for discussion will be the future visit of the head of the government to Ukraine.