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Polish newspaper reports Russian cyberattack, mobilization news appears on website

Polish newspaper reports Russian cyberattack, mobilization news appears on website Photo: Polish military (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The Polish edition of PAP twice published the news of “partial mobilization to send troops to Ukraine”. The media and the country's authorities said it was a cyberattack by Russia, according to PAP.

As noted, on May 31, the newspaper's website twice published information with the headline: “Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk: On July 1, 2024, partial mobilization will begin in Poland”.
The information began with a sentence: “On July 1, 2024, partial military mobilization will be announced in Poland. 200,000 Polish citizens, both former military personnel and ordinary civilians, will be called up for compulsory military service. All mobilized individuals will be sent to Ukraine".

PAP emphasizes that this information does not correspond to reality. The publication is investigating the circumstances of the appearance of this message.

"PAP's information about partial mobilization is not true. We have started an urgent investigation. Everything points to a cyberattack and planned disinformation. I will inform you of further results,” wrote Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digitalization Krzysztof Gawkowski on social network X.

He noted that an urgent investigation into the case had been launched.

Gawkowski believes that a cyberattack was directed from Russia. The goal was to disinform before the elections and paralyze the public.

Poland does not rule out sending its troops to Ukraine

Recently, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that the Baltic states and Poland do not rule out sending their troops to Ukraine if Russia succeeds on the battlefield.

Later, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said the government should not rule out sending troops to Ukraine.