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Polish minister apologizes for farmers dumping Ukrainian grain

Polish minister apologizes for farmers dumping Ukrainian grain Czesław Sekerski (
Author: Maria Kholina

The Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Czesław Sekerski, on behalf of farmers, has issued an apology for the dumped Ukrainian grain but asserted that the farmers' actions can be understood, while criticizing Ukraine's response as excessive.

"On behalf of Polish farmers, I apologize for this act of desperation and ask for understanding of their extremely difficult situation," Sekerski said, adding that he seeks restrictions on the supply of agricultural products from Ukraine.

He mentioned that his ministry is engaged in technical negotiations with the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture to determine trade terms that would restrict the influx of goods destabilizing agricultural markets.

Sekerski acknowledged that "this is the wrong form of protest, but it is often used by farmers from different countries."

"While farmers did not handle their emotions properly, it should be remembered that they are in a very difficult economic situation. At the beginning of spring field work, they have no money to buy fertilizers and plant protection products. It's hard not to understand their despair," he said.

He also criticized Ukrainian officials for their response.

"The statements by the deputy minister of economy and previously by the mayor of Lviv were too harsh. Other Ukrainian politicians were also overly emotional in presenting information," the minister believes.

Grain scandal

Polish farmers protesting near the Dorohusk checkpoint on the border with Ukraine on February 11 spilled grain from three Ukrainian trucks transiting to Lithuania onto the road.

Lviv Mayor Andrii Sadovyi said that pro-Russian provocateurs spilled the grain.

"Ukrainians literally spill the blood of the fields that grow this grain. Harvesting wheat in a field that has seen war is like working as a sapper. Such actions are vile and shameful," Sadovyi declared.