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In Poland, protesters dumped grain from Ukrainian trucks on road

In Poland, protesters dumped grain from Ukrainian trucks on road In Poland, protesters dumped grain from Ukrainian trucks (photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Polish farmers protesting near the Dorohusk checkpoint on the border with Ukraine spilled grain from three Ukrainian trucks on the road. Polish police have launched an investigation.

The incident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. Polish time on the highway leading to the Dorohusk checkpoint. According to Eva Chyzh, a representative of the municipal police commandant's office, three trucks driven by Ukrainians entered Poland after the border control, but Polish protesters did not let them go further.

"At one point, they opened the trailers, causing some of the grain to spill onto the road. The drivers turned back towards Ukraine," she said, adding that there were no fights or dangerous situations after that.

Polish law enforcement officers are currently investigating all the details of the incident and seizing evidence. The materials will be sent to the prosecutor's office for legal and criminal examination.

"We are conducting an investigation, establishing the personal data of the persons involved, and interviewing witnesses," said the police spokesperson.

Blockade of the border by Poles

Last November, Polish transporters and farmers began protesting at the border with Ukraine, demanding the return of the permit system for Ukrainian transporters and the abolition of the EU-Ukraine customs "visa-free regime."

In mid-January 2024, the Polish government signed an agreement with carriers to unblock the border with Ukraine. As part of the agreement, the parties agreed to suspend protests at the entrances to the three border crossing points until March 1.

However, on January 31, the European Commission recommended extending the abolition of import duties on agricultural goods from Ukraine until 2024. Polish farmers immediately stated that they did not support the EU's actions and resumed protests on the border with Ukraine on February 9. The first protesters blocked the Dorohusk-Yagodyn checkpoint.