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Polish foreign minister: European unity can defeat Russia

Polish foreign minister: European unity can defeat Russia Photo: Radosław Sikorski, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland (Getty Images)

The importance of boosting defense production by Ukraine's partner countries to provide assistance is crucial. As the tactical actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front to repel Russian aggression are unlikely to lead to the end of the war, notes the press service of the Polish government.

The official noted during a press conference at the conclusion of the visit to Kyiv that when the Ukrainian Defense Forces repelled Russian invaders from Kyiv region and liberated Kherson during the counteroffensive, "the situation was easier."

"Now, in the deadlock on the front lines, we face a real test of who is willing to help," said the Polish diplomat.

He also emphasized that Russia usurps the right to decide which nations can consider themselves a nation and which are deprived of that opportunity. Sikorski is convinced that this is "Russia's last colonial war."

"Ukraine should win, and Russia should lose. This is what we think, regardless of who is in power in Poland," emphasized Minister Sikorski.

Answering a question regarding the support for Ukraine, he stated that the problem is to switch the entire economy to a "war mode".

"One cannot win a war by means of tactical clashes but through production. If Europe mobilizes its efforts, Russia will lose," he added.

Minister Sikorski stated that Russia has been "doing worse in the war than it was predicted", while the European Union and the US have been "supporting Ukraine more than it was expected".

Aid to Ukraine from Poland

Poland is one of the countries actively supporting Ukraine following Russia's large-scale invasion. Warsaw provides military and economic aid to Kyiv, endorsing Ukraine's invitation to NATO.

Notably, Poland previously supplied MiG-29 aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force, with 14 fighter jets delivered. Poland also plans to conduct training for Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets, with a schedule already in place.

In the summer, the Wall Street Journal reported that Poland, as part of defense assistance, provided Ukraine with ten Mi-24 combat helicopters. In the fall, Ukraine received a batch of refurbished Leopard 2 tanks from Poland.

In December, Poland's new Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, stated that the country would demand full Western mobilization to aid Ukraine.

Yesterday, the newly appointed Polish Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski, visited Kyiv, during which the announcement of a new assistance package for Ukraine was planned.