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Polish authorities strike deal with farmers to ban some Ukrainian products transit, reports

Polish authorities strike deal with farmers to ban some Ukrainian products transit, reports Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Polish authorities signed an agreement with farmers on subsidies per ton of grain and the temporary closure of the border with Ukraine for the transit of some agricultural products, according to Polish Radio.

The document was signed by representatives of the protesting farmers, as well as the Minister of Agriculture Czeslaw Sekerski, and the State Secretary of the Ministry Michal Kolodzejczak.

The agreement provides for the preservation of the current embargo on agricultural products from Ukraine, which has been in effect since mid-September last year. It applies, in particular, to wheat, corn, wheat flour, rape and sunflower.

In addition, the Minister of Agriculture should ask the Council of Ministers to suspend the transit of these products through Polish territory from April 1 of this year.

In the signed document, both sides also consider it necessary to develop detailed rules for trade in agri-food products between Poland and Ukraine but also emphasize that the difficult situation in agriculture is the result of Russia's aggression against Kyiv.

The representatives of the farmers in the agreement declare the support of the government of their country for changes to the Green Agreement. It is primarily about replacing mandatory fallow with a voluntary eco-scheme and simplifying other rules for farmers.

Farmers' protests in Poland

Polish farmers blocked one of the crossing points with Slovakia. Farmers claim that the protest started because agricultural products from Ukraine and Russia entered Poland on these roads.

According to preliminary data, the blockade will last until the end of March. Farmers plan to let one truck through per hour. At the same time, restrictions for passenger vehicles and buses will not be introduced.

In addition, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine spoke about the situation on the border with Poland. The spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Andrii Demchenko, said that there are no significant changes at the moment, but Polish farmers continue to block traffic for cargo vehicles.