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Police saved life of driver in Rivne region

Police saved life of driver in Rivne region The police saved the life of a driver in Rivne region (photo:

In the Rivne region, patrol officers spotted a truck making a sudden change of direction. The police rushed to assist the driver, reports the First Deputy Chief of the Patrol Police Department, Oleksiy Biloshitsky.

Patrol officers noticed a truck that suddenly changed its direction. Afterwards, the DAF truck knocked down a road sign, drove over a lawn, and came to a stop after crashing into a concrete installation. Everything happened in an instant.

"The police approached the driver, saw that the man was unconscious. They quickly turned off the engine, applied the parking brake, removed the driver from the car, and promptly started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation," wrote Biloshitsky on his page.

Later, medics arrived. The driver was transferred to the ambulance, and one of the patrol officers also went with them to continue assisting in resuscitating the victim.

"Another saved life in our treasury," wrote Biloshitsky.