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Poland to develop encrypted communication system in case of war and cyber threats

Poland to develop encrypted communication system in case of war and cyber threats Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Poland's Ministry of the Interior and Administration plans to create a system of encrypted government communications that will allow the administration and emergency services to function in the event of war. It will be controlled by special services, according to Rzeczpospolita.

This proposal appeared in the draft law on civil defense prepared by the Ministry of the Interior. The technical details are currently unknown.

The initial cost of creating an autonomous communication system that can last until 2034 is estimated at 3.7 billion zlotys (857 million euros).

The purpose is to ensure continuous work of public administration and protect the population in peace and wartime. It will connect the communication systems of public administration and law enforcement agencies subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior, i.e. police, fire service, border guards, with systems subordinated to the Ministry of National Defense.

One of the elements is a system of warning and alert, signaling the population about threats.

It will include open and covert digital communications, i.e. encrypted landline, radio, mobile, and satellite networks. The system needs to cover the entire territory of Poland, including critical infrastructure.

The communication system also needs to ensure the prompt exchange of information in real-time and be resistant to cyber threats. The ministry expects, among other things, to modernize existing telecommunications infrastructure and establish new communication services that will allow for rescue operations and management of crises related to civil defense.

Cyberattacks on Poland

In late May, PAP - Polish media - was subjected to a Russian cyberattack. The news agency posted news about military mobilization. It later said it was fake, and the Polish authorities accused Russia of destabilizing the situation in the country.

After that, the Polish authorities decided to allocate about $760 million to strengthen cybersecurity.