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Poland summons Russian ambassador over missile overflight

Poland summons Russian ambassador over missile overflight Russian ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev (photo: Russian media)

The Polish Foreign Ministry summons Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev. The reason for this was the violation of Polish airspace by a Russian missile.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland Andrzej Szejna said that Russian missiles have entered Poland for the third time. The ministry criticized Moscow for its "unacceptable actions."

"In this regard, Minister Radoslaw Sikorski will summon the Russian ambassador for explanations. Our further actions depend on these explanations and information," the deputy minister said.

According to him, the Russian ambassador should appear at the Foreign Ministry today or tomorrow in accordance with diplomatic protocol.

Night attack

Last night, Russia once again attacked Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones. The invaders fired 29 cruise missiles and 28 Shaheds from strategic aviation. Air defense forces destroyed 18 missiles and 25 drones.

Explosions were heard in Kyiv, and air defense shot down almost 10 missiles in the capital. In the Lviv region, Russians attacked a critical infrastructure facility, and a fire broke out there.

The occupiers also attacked Kryvyi Rih with drones, leaving more than 76,000 people without heating in the city.

It is known that today a Russian missile flew into the territory of Poland, and the air force was alerted. Later, the Ministry of Defense said that Poland would have shot down the Russian missile if it had flown deep into the territory.