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Poland and Ukraine to hold talks: Farmers to participate

Poland and Ukraine to hold talks: Farmers to participate Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland Czesław Siekierski (
Author: Daria Shekina

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Foof of Ukraine Mykola Solskyi will hold negotiations with his colleague Czesław Siekierski tomorrow, March 27. Representatives of Polish agrarian associations will participate in the dialogue, according to Sekerski's statement.

He reminded that tomorrow a delegation of the Ukrainian government is arriving in Poland, as a joint meeting of the governments of Ukraine and Poland is planned for Thursday, March 28.

"Tomorrow we are meeting in an unusual format. Because besides Ukrainian and Polish ministers of agriculture, deputy ministers, advisors, and representatives of associations of producers of various crops will be present. We want this dialogue to descend to the level of producers," the minister clarified.

Siekierski emphasized that negotiations with Ukraine "will be difficult" because Ukraine wants to preserve the liberalization of trade with the European Union.

Protests of Polish farmers

Farmers in Poland have been protesting for several months. In particular, they oppose the import of a number of goods from Ukraine, as this significantly affects prices in the domestic market.

Protesters, in particular, began blocking checkpoints at the border with Ukraine for trucks. This has affected Ukrainian exports.

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