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Poland and Baltic states propose 13th package of anti-Russian sanctions

Poland and Baltic states propose 13th package of anti-Russian sanctions Photo: Poland and Baltic States suggest 13th package of sanctions against Russia (Getty Images)

Poland and the Baltic countries have put forward new proposals for EU sanctions against Russia. These include a ban on importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a ban on importing aluminum from Russia, says RMF24.

The proposal from Poland and the Baltic countries, in addition to imposing a ban on importing LNG and aluminum from Russia, introduces a series of other measures aimed at restraining Russia's economic and technological development.

Proposals from the Baltic countries and Poland

  • Transfer of knowledge.

  • Scientific cooperation and research funding in Russia.

  • Further measures to combat sanctions evasion by Russia.

  • Strengthening sanctions in the aviation sector.

  • Expanding the list of prohibited products used in drone production

Sanctions are not only intended for Russia

Poland and the Baltic countries also want the new package of sanctions to cover Belarus. The idea is to prevent Russia from circumventing EU restrictions through Minsk.

These proposals will be included in the negotiations within the framework of the 13th package of EU sanctions against Russia.

13th package of sanctions

Recall that the European Union has started discussions on a new package of sanctions, which it intends to approve by February 24, 2024.

Possible sanctions were discussed on January 18 at a meeting of the bloc's ambassadors, where member states debated on how best to support Kyiv in the long term. However, reaching an agreement on the 13th package of sanctions by next month will be challenging, as the last one required weeks of negotiations, according to Bloomberg.

Politico reported that Russian aluminum products could be subject to an embargo under the 13th package of EU sanctions.