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Plan to hit Ukraine with a space rocket offered to Putin

Plan to hit Ukraine with a space rocket offered to Putin Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Former head of Roscosmos (Russian space company), Dmitry Rogozin, wanted to use a space rocket to strike Ukraine. He proposed his plan to Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, according to Bild.

The media claims that it has recordings of conversations between Rogozin and the General Director of the Russian Progress Rocket Space Center, Dmitry Baranov. They discussed a strike on a major Ukrainian city with a space rocket. They wanted to launch it from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome and load it with aviation bombs and warheads.

However, according to journalists, Baranov was concerned that heavy explosive aviation bombs or guided warheads might overheat because of supersonic entry into the atmosphere. Rogozin promised to discuss this issue with the designer Yury Solomonov. Allegedly, he found a solution a few days later.

Other risks of such know-how, as discussed by Baranov and Rogozin, included the possibility that parts of the rocket could fall on Russian territory, and an error in the strike could be up to 50-100 kilometers.

Overall, as Baranov claimed, preparing for such an operation would take about six months. Rogozin, in turn, promised to offer the plan to Putin.

"The plan was presented to the president of the Russian Federation on January 16. His reaction is unknown," the media writes.

At the end of the previous year, Russian propagandists reported that Rogozin was injured during a shelling in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.