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Pentagon spokesperson commented on US aid for Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries

Pentagon spokesperson commented on US aid for Ukrainian strikes on Russian refineries Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder (photo:

The Pentagon spokesperson, Patrick Ryder, responded to whether the US provides Ukraine with the ability to strike Russian refineries, according to a briefing by Pentagon spokesperson Patrick Ryder.

The spokesperson stated that the US assistance to Ukraine is intended solely for defense and the return of its territory. Washington does not assist with strikes on Russian refineries.

"The assistance that we're providing to Ukraine is intended for them to defend their sovereign territory and - and to take back their sovereign territory. We don't provide any assistance for use outside of that. I'd refer you to Ukraine to talk about their operations. Certainly, our focus is on making sure that they can defend themselves," Ryder said.

Aid from the US to Ukraine

Last fall, the US Congress could not agree on President Joe Biden's request for new funds to finance aid to Ukraine.

This year, the US Senate approved a bill providing for the allocation of approximately $60 billion for financing assistance to Ukraine. The document was sent to the House of Representatives, but it has not yet been brought up for consideration there. Spokesperson Johnson opposed the bill, stating that he wanted it to include strict measures to protect American borders from migrants.

Earlier, we reported that, according to Politico, the administration of President Joe Biden is in talks with House Speaker Mike Johnson on aid to Ukraine.

We also wrote that the White House has called on Johnson to advance the project for aid to Ukraine approved by the Senate.

By the way, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said in an interview with The Washington Post that without American aid, Ukraine will have to retreat on the front lines.