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Pentagon revealed duration for constructing humanitarian port in Gaza

Pentagon revealed duration for constructing humanitarian port in Gaza Photo: a port to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip will be built in 60 days (Getty Images)

Construction of a floating military port for delivering humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip may take up to 60 days. Approximately a thousand US military personnel may be involved in its construction, informs Reuters.

Pentagon services have developed a construction schedule the day after US President Joe Biden announced the initiative to create a port for delivering goods to the Gaza Strip.

Some US lawmakers and humanitarian organizations have stated that the floating pier system conceals a more serious problem – the inability to obtain permission from the Israeli government to import more aid to Gaza by land, which is the fastest and most efficient option.

Pentagon spokesperson Patrick Ryder emphasized that planning for the port system is still in the early stages, and deployment orders are just beginning to be issued to the relevant services heading to the Middle East.

The planned US humanitarian port system in the Gaza Strip consists of two separate components. The first involves the construction of a floating maritime barge capable of receiving humanitarian aid shipments. The second element is a 550-meter-long floating dam attached to the shore. Once operational, the port system will allow for the daily delivery of approximately 2 million meals to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

For comparison, the US military delivered a total of about 124,000 meals during four airdrops last week. According to the US military, the latest airdrop on Friday delivered around 11,500 meals.

What preceded

Yesterday, on March 8, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced plans to establish a temporary port by the American military for sending humanitarian aid by sea to the residents of Gaza.

After this, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, stated that she hopes for the opening of a maritime corridor for delivering humanitarian aid from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, March 10.