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Pentagon chief at Ramstein: 'Ukraine will not surrender and neither will we'

Pentagon chief at Ramstein: 'Ukraine will not surrender and neither will we' Photo: Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin (Getty Images)

The United States of America, together with other participants of Ramstein, supports Ukraine and will hold on as long as the Ukrainians hold on, says the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin.

"When Putin launched his unjust and unprovoked war choice, he was betting that Ukraine would fall, but he couldn't have been more wrong. Ukraine fought Putin's invasion with incredible courage and phenomenal skill," Austin said.

According to the head of the Pentagon, the Kremlin is still betting that the countries of the contact group will lose interest in Ukraine and the support of partners will weaken.

"But I am more determined than ever, and I know that you are as well. This contact group remains resolute, undaunted and firm. And make no mistake, the United States is still in favor of supporting Ukraine. America will continue to support Ukraine's main struggle against Putin's imperial aggression," he said.

Austin emphasized that coalition members, including the United States, support Ukraine because it is right and because it is in the basic security interests of the States themselves.

"Ukraine will not surrender and neither will we," the head of the Pentagon emphasized.


On February 12, information appeared in the mass media that the head of the Pentagon canceled his visit to Brussels due to urgent hospitalization.

As part of his visit, he was to personally chair a meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine in Brussels. The 70-year-old head of the Pentagon was hospitalized for bladder problems.

Later, it became known that Austin was planning to take part in the meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine, despite his urgent hospitalization.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Charles Brown and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security at the Pentagon Celeste Wallander will also participate in "Ramstein" from the American side.

We also reported that the meeting will include a coalition report on the transfer of F-16s to the Ukrainian military.

RBC-Ukraine has collected everything that is currently known about the Ramstein-19 meeting.