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Passwords you should never set up on your device: They were exposed millions of times

Passwords you should never set up on your device: They were exposed millions of times Photo: What passwords should not be set on gadgets (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A new study has shown which are the most common passwords that have been revealed millions of times by fraudsters, according to Express.

Study results

The most commonly leaked passwords on the Internet were discovered after experts analyzed huge data sets released during recent hacking operations.

The study shows that millions of people use incredibly simple passwords that are easy to guess for hackers who can easily access their online accounts.

Database firm Red9 reports that it checked the number of times passwords appeared in public data breaches from several sources and found that the most commonly used password was 123456, which appeared in data breaches 42,542,807 times.

If you are using 123456 as your password for any of your online accounts or devices, you should change it immediately.

The study finds that the second most commonly cracked password was 123456789, found 18,313,580 times, followed by qwerty, which was cracked 10,713,794 times.

Other very popular passwords are 1234678, 111111, qwerty123 and 1q2w3e.

"The findings highlight the importance of heightened awareness regarding password security, as certain commonly used passwords continue to pose significant vulnerabilities," says Red9 founder Mark Varnas.

Users are strongly encouraged to adopt stronger password practices to improve their digital security.

Strong passwords

Strong passwords are combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Try running your fingers across the keyboard and get a password like this:


It is impossible for fraudsters to pick up such a password.