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Partisans analyze air defense system of temporary Crimean Bridge

Partisans analyze air defense system of temporary Crimean Bridge The partisans are studying the temporary Crimean Bridge (photo: Getty Images)

Ukrainian partisans are monitoring the temporary Crimean Bridge in occupied Crimea and carefully studying the air defense system protecting it, according to the partisan movement ATESH.

It is noted that the Russian forces are particularly vigilant in guarding this object and that the disclosure of the entire air defense system of the bridge is only a matter of time.

Continuous observation provides a proper understanding of the situation and will allow for the exploitation of vulnerabilities found in the tiered air defense system.

"The detected MANPADS system will soon become the next target for precision Ukrainian missiles. We will conduct systematic observation and continue to transmit the collected information to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the fastest and most complete liberation of our territories," the statement said.

Партизани вивчають систему ППО тимчасового "Керченського мосту" в Криму

Photo: Partisan movement ATESH (

Situation in temporarily occupied Crimea

In recent months, numerous explosions have regularly occurred in the territory of Crimea as the Ukrainian Air Force conducts regular shelling of military targets belonging to the Russian forces.

For example, on June 10, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck a Russian anti-aircraft missile division near Dzhankoy, Chornomorsk, and Yevpatoriya.

On June 12, the Air Force hit enemy air defense systems near the airfields in the Belbek and Sevastopol areas.

In early June, the Russian forces deployed old barges along the Crimean Bridge to protect it from Ukrainian unmanned marine boats.

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