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Partisans stage sabotage on railway to Mariupol in Rostov-on-Don

Partisans stage sabotage on railway to Mariupol in Rostov-on-Don Photo: partisans staged sabotage in Rostov-on-Don (illustration/Getty Images)

Partisans staged sabotage on the railway connecting Rostov-on-Don and the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region, according to the Telegram channel of the partisan movement Atesh

"Our agent set fire to a relay cabinet on the Rostov-on-Don to Mariupol railway," writes Atesh.

Why this is important

According to the partisans, this railway line plays a key role in the transfer of military forces and equipment between different parts of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

It also provides access to the sea route.

Sabotage in Russia

Sabotage activities, particularly on railways, are constantly occurring in Russia. Last year, Ukrainian intelligence noted an increase in railway disruptions due to sabotage. These actions are carried out by partisans with the support of Ukrainian intelligence operatives.

Additionally, a spike in sabotage activities in Russia was reported in May 2023. It was noted that over 50 sabotage attempts had occurred since the beginning of the year, with nearly 25% of them happening within just 13 days of the last spring month.