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Partisans scout Russian bomber factory in Tyumen

Partisans scout Russian bomber factory in Tyumen Photo: Guerrillas reconnoitered a plant in Tyumen (

The guerrillas reconnoitered a plant in Tyumen, Russia. Military helicopters and airplanes, including bombers, are produced there, according to the Atesh guerrilla movement.

"Our agent has collected data on the Tyumen Motor Builders plant, a key enterprise in the Russian military aviation industry," the message says.

According to the guerrillas, the plant is involved in developing and producing military helicopters and aircraft - fighters, bombers, and transport aircraft.

"The company is facing critical problems in its attempts to establish production of gas turbine engines as a replacement for Western counterparts," Atesh said.


Reconnaissance near factories in Russia

This is not the first time that guerrillas have conducted reconnaissance near factories located in Russia. In November last year, guerrillas managed to reconnoiter a new missile plant located in Moscow, in the Nekrasovka residential area, Rudnevo industrial park.

In January 2024, guerrillas investigated the territory of the Tactical Missiles Corporation in the Moscow region. This is one of the largest enterprises in the Russian defense industry that produces missiles.