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Partisans: Occupiers hide equipment in Mariupol amid ATACMS threat

Partisans: Occupiers hide equipment in Mariupol amid ATACMS threat Photo: in Mariupol, the occupiers are hiding equipment from new strikes by ATACMS missiles (Getty Images)

Occupiers, apparently, fear new ATACMS missile strikes. There is active movement of enemy equipment observed in Mariupol, which they are trying to conceal, according to the Telegram channel of the partisan movement ATESH.

"Agents of "ATESH" continue to record constant movement of military equipment by the occupiers in the occupied Mariupol due to ATACMS strikes and huge losses," the message reads.

Russians are trying to hide equipment due to ATACMS strikes (

At the same time, the partisans assure that they have all the data on the current whereabouts of practically every unit and locations where the occupiers have moved various types of weapons, trying to hide them.

ATACMS for Ukraine

Despite a prolonged pause in the allocation of assistance from the US to Kyiv for $60 billion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced an agreement on the supply of ATACMS missiles.

According to The New York Times, Ukraine was allocated over 100 longer-range ATACMS missiles outside the aforementioned aid package.

Meanwhile, at Operational Command South, it was emphasized that against the backdrop of supplying these missiles, Russians in the temporarily occupied Crimea are rapidly restoring existing air defense systems.