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Partisans carried out sabotage on Rostov railway

Partisans carried out sabotage on Rostov railway In Russia, partisans carried out sabotage on the railway in the Rostov region (photo:

In the Russian Rostov region, representatives of the Ukrainian underground conducted a sabotage operation. Partisans set fire to a relay cabinet on the main railway line in the region that connects Russia with the occupied part of the Donetsk region, Ukraine, according to the Telegram channel of the Crimean Tatar resistance movement ATESH.

In their Telegram post, the partisans noted that their agent set fire to a relay cabinet on the Rostov-on-Don - Mariupol railway line near the settlement of Shakhty.

"This is one of the main railway lines in the region, connecting Russia and Donetsk region of Ukraine, actively used for transporting military equipment and personnel to the combat zone," said representatives of the underground.

Additionally, ATESH specified the coordinates: 47.679981, 40.186874, and released footage of the sabotage.

The partisans emphasized their ongoing struggle against the Russian army with all their might and announced an increase in sabotage operations every day.

"Russian military personnel should not relax for a moment; our revenge for your criminal actions will be terrible," added ATESH.

Not the first partisan action in the Rostov region

Earlier in June, partisans carried out a sabotage on the railway connecting Rostov-on-Don and the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region.

The underground fighters noted that this railway branch plays a crucial role in the transfer of military forces and equipment between various parts of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation.

Earlier reports also indicated that in March, representatives of the underground carried out a sabotage in the Moscow region at a railway facility.