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Paris mayor urges Russian athletes, faces threats in retaliation

Paris mayor urges Russian athletes, faces threats in retaliation Photo: Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris (

Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be welcome in Paris during the Summer Olympic Games, according to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

"I want to tell Russian and Belarusian athletes that they are not welcome in Paris and to tell Ukrainian athletes and all the Ukrainian people that we support them very strongly," Hidalgo said.

Russia is offended

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, threatened France with labeling French goods in Russian territory with stickers saying "not welcome in Moscow." She also mentioned French farmers and business representatives, suggesting they would be unhappy with such a result.

"For now, French goods are not marked with stickers saying 'not welcome in Moscow,' but I know our activists won't stop if they decide on such a measure. Another statement like this, and French business representatives will storm the Paris City Hall, following the farmers," said Zakharova.

Olympics 2024

The Olympic Games will take place from July to August 2024. Russia and Belarus will not compete in team sports. Instead, Belarusian and Russian athletes will participate in individual competitions under a "neutral" status.

The IOC has approved a special emblem for neutral athletes. Sports officials have also banned Russians and Belarusians from using national anthems, flags, and other national symbols at the 2024 Games. Representatives of the Russian and Belarusian governments will not be invited to Paris.

Additionally, athletes from Russia and Belarus will be prohibited from participating in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris.