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IOC approves emblem for 'neutral' athletes at 2024 Olympics

IOC approves emblem for 'neutral' athletes at 2024 Olympics Emblem for 'neutral' athletes at 2024 Olympic Games unveiled (Photo: Screenshot from

Today's decision regarding the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the 2024 Olympic Games under a neutral status has been approved by the International Olympic Committee, which has also confirmed the emblem for such athletes, according to the IOC press service.

According to the Committee's statement, only 11 "individual neutral athletes" are currently qualifying for the Games in Paris next year. Eight of them hold Russian passports, and three hold Belarusian passports.

"The qualified athletes with Russian or Belarusian passports will be entered and compete as individual neutral athletes ('AIN')," stated the IOC.

Teams of athletes with Russian and Belarusian passports will not be considered.

IOC approves emblem for 'neutral' athletes at 2024 Olympics

Emblem for 'neutral' athletes at the 2024 Olympic Games unveiled (Photo: Screenshot from

Here are the restrictions

Athletes and support personnel actively supporting the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine will not be admitted.

Athletes and support personnel who have signed contracts with the armies of the Russian Federation and Belarus or with security agencies will not be allowed to participate or compete.

Due to sanctions against Russia and Belarus, there will be no flags, anthems, flowers, or any other symbols of the aggressor countries at the Olympic Games in Paris.

Representatives of the governments and officials of Russia and Belarus will not be invited and will not receive accreditation for the Games.

The International Olympic Committee's decision

Today, the International Olympic Committee admitted athletes from Russia and Belarus to the 2024 Olympic Games. They will compete under a neutral status.

Ukraine is considering a boycott of the Olympics if Russia and Belarus are allowed to participate. As Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal mentioned, Ukraine, along with 34 other countries, has formed a coalition ready to boycott the Games if the International Olympic Committee allows athletes from the aggressor country and its ally to compete.