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Over 2,000 trucks in queue at Ukraine-Poland border: Situation update

Over 2,000 trucks in queue at Ukraine-Poland border: Situation update Photo: the State Border Guard Service spoke about the situation on the border with Poland (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

As of today, December 17, three directions at the Polish-Ukrainian border remain blocked. More than two thousand trucks are queued up on these routes according to Andriy Demchenko, the spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, during a television marathon.

Blocked directions

The following directions remain blocked:

  • Rava-Ruska-Krebené
  • Krakovets-Korcheva
  • Shehyni-Medyka

"As of this morning, today, on these three directions, there are approximately 2150 freight vehicles queued towards Ukraine. The highest number is opposite Shehyni-Medyka. The movement is there, but not as intense as it was before November 6 or 23, when the blocking of Shehyni began," explained Demchenko.

Unblocked direction

On December 11, it was possible to unblock the checkpoint Yahodyn-Dorohusk. Currently, there is a fairly intensive traffic flow, gradually increasing.

In just the past day, on December 16, around 1,500 freight vehicles crossed the direction in both directions, with the majority heading towards Ukraine.

"Queues on this route, of course, persist. 2400 trucks are waiting in line towards Yahodyn towards Ukraine. Around 1700 are registered in eQueue for departure from Ukraine. But, I emphasize that the dynamics are quite high," explained the spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service.

Polish carrier strike

Since November 6, Polish carriers have been conducting strikes on the border with Ukraine. They planned to continue this "action" until the beginning of January 2024. As a result of the protest, several routes were blocked, allowing no more than one truck per hour to pass.

On November 23, carriers also blocked the checkpoint Medyka-Shehyni. There were also reports of intentions to extend the blockade to Nyzhankovychi - Malhovitse.

On December 11, the Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine announced the unblocking of the checkpoint Yahodyn-Dorohusk. The participants in the strike blocked the traffic in the direction with a truck, but it was later possible to restore it.