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Over 2,000 Russians and Belarusians identified as risk to national security of Lithuania

Over 2,000 Russians and Belarusians identified as risk to national security of Lithuania Lithuania has recognized more than 2,000 Russian and Belarusian citizens as a threat to national security (Photo: GettyImages)

With the use of special questionnaires implemented by Lithuania for Russian and Belarusian citizens who are seeking migration services, Vilnius identified over 2,000 Russians and Belarusians as posing a threat to national security, according to LRT.

Since November 2022, citizens of Belarus and the Russian Federation seeking migration services in Lithuania, including temporary or permanent residence permits, are required to complete a questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide requested information and gauge their stance on the conflict in Ukraine.

After verifying information collected from various institutions, the Migration Department identified 1644 Belarusian citizens as national security threats.

Among them, 562 were denied temporary residence permits and 343 were denied replacements. Additionally, 450 previously valid residence permits were revoked and 279 Belarusians were denied Lithuanian visas.

Additionally, 397 Russian individuals were deemed a national security threat, resulting in 76 being denied temporary residency permits, 84 being denied replacements, and 90 having their previous permits revoked.

Lithuania's assistance to Ukraine

Lithuania, a key ally of Ukraine, provides support in terms of weaponry, military equipment, and training of the Ukrainian military.

On November 22, Lithuania delivered yet another military aid package to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Defense Ministry also announced that Vilnius would provide assistance to Kyiv in civilian and military demining.

Furthermore, on November 17, Lithuania supplied Ukraine with a batch of generators, field beds, and dry rations.

On November 10th, Lithuania announced its provision of Ukraine with two launchers for the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system, along with necessary equipment and off-road vehicles for the crew.