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Orban's opponent opposes arms shipments from Hungary to Ukraine but condemns Putin

Orban's opponent opposes arms shipments from Hungary to Ukraine but condemns Putin Archive photo: Peter Madyar (

Péter Magyar, an opponent and critic of Hungary's Prime Minister, did not support the idea of his country providing military supplies to Ukraine. However, he condemned the actions of Vladimir Putin, Politico reports.

Péter Magyar, a new star in the Hungarian opposition, stated that he does not support sending weapons to Ukraine.

"We share the position of the (Budapest) government: We will not send troops or weapons to the Ukraine from Hungary. You know the sensitive situation of Hungary in that war," Magyar declared.

At the same time, Magyar was elected as a Member of the European Parliament and joined the European People's Party group. However, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has made it clear that a condition for new MEPs joining the European People's Party is their support for Ukraine.

Therefore, Magyar stated that Ukraine should be supported through all other means. He also expressed support for Ukraine's right to self-defense and referred to Putin as an aggressor.

Péter Magyar

Hungarian politician and lawyer. Magyar attracted media attention when on March 15, 2024, he announced his intention to found a party, offering an alternative to what he considered an "artificial division" between the parliamentary opposition and the ruling coalition in Hungary.

He is a critic of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, although he was previously a member of the Fidesz party, whose leader is Orbán.

Hungary's stance towards Ukraine

From the early days of the war, the Hungarian government condemned Russia's aggression and supported a series of sanctions, although, with each new EU package, it has become increasingly difficult to agree on new restrictions against the Kremlin. Budapest consistently blocks new proposals.

Hungary also does not support supplying military aid to Ukraine, but recently Orban stated that Hungary promises not to block NATO decisions on aid to Ukraine. However, the Alliance has agreed not to involve Budapest in such support.