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Ophthalmologist on whether sunglasses can damage eyesight

Ophthalmologist on whether sunglasses can damage eyesight Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

There is a belief that sunglasses can damage eyesight. Ophthalmologist answered this question and provided details into whether it's a myth or not, citing Zdorova Rozmova (Healthy talk - ed.) YouTube channel.

Can sunglasses damage eyesight?

"There is no such effect that they worsen eyesight, but there is a nuance. Because the function of sunglasses, as the name implies, is to protect from the sun. Each pair of sunglasses should have its protective function," says the doctor.

According to him, an example of this is that they protect from ultraviolet light 400, 500, or 300, and there are different parameters. There are "UV" parameters on the temple of each pair of sunglasses indicating their protection.

Офтальмолог сказав, чи можуть сонцезахисні окуляри "посадити" зір

Photo: Freepik

If you buy glasses at the market, of course, they don’t have such inscriptions, to which the ophthalmologist agreed and said that it is better not to buy sunglasses at the market.

"If you take the wrong glasses, then of course this theory works (they can damage eyesight - ed.), because there will simply be no effect. Moreover, people are used to thinking that when they put on sunglasses, they can look directly at the sun. It is very important to understand that even if you are wearing sunglasses, you should not look at the sun," concluded the ophthalmologist.

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