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Oil depot attacked in Tambov region, large-scale fire starts

Oil depot attacked in Tambov region, large-scale fire starts Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

In Russia, complaints have arisen about another attack on an oil depot in the Tambov region on June 20, which resulted in a massive fire, citing the Telegram channel SHOT.

"The oil depot ignited near the village of Platonovka in the Tambov region," the message says.

Residents claimed to have heard the sound of an engine around 4:00 AM.

"Then there was a loud explosion - people saw flames and a column of smoke over the local oil depot. Windows were shattered in houses near the explosion site," the Telegram channel asserts.

Local authorities have already reported an incident and a fire in a reservoir at the Platonovka oil depot in the Rasskazovsky municipal district of the Tambov region.

"The incident was likely caused by a drone. Additionally, remnants of a drone were discovered in the morning in the Pervomaisky municipal district. The drone exploded in the air," said the region's governor, Maksim Yegorov.

According to him, there are allegedly no casualties.

Attacks on oil depots in Russia

In recent months, Russia has frequently complained about attacks on refineries and oil depots located in various regions of the country.

On June 18, an oil depot in the city of Azov in the Rostov region of Russia was attacked. A fire broke out and continued to burn. Later, it was revealed that the attack was a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine.