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Occupiers' engineering warehouse burned down in Mariupol - Photo

Occupiers' engineering warehouse burned down in Mariupol - Photo Ukrainian guerrillas burned warehouse of Russian occupiers in Mariupol (Photo: Getty Images)

In the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the Donetsk region, members of the Resistance Forces sabotaged the warehouse of Russian invaders' engineering troops, according to the Mariupol City Council.

The enemy's facility was located in the eastern district. Now, the warehouse has been set on fire.

Representatives of the Mariupol Resistance reported on the fire at the warehouse of the Russian occupiers' engineering troops.

"Now it will be more difficult for them to build fortifications," the underground fighters noted.

Footage from the fire scene at the interventionists' warehouses in Mariupol was also published.

Resistance to occupation in Mariupol

Russian invaders captured Mariupol after a difficult months-long siege and massive enemy shelling. Despite considering the city their rear and transforming it into a military base, Mariupol experiences constant explosions and blows. In Mariupol, a partisan movement is active.

For instance, partisans set fire to a base of Russian occupiers in temporarily occupied Mariupol in mid-August. The same happened when the occupiers lost at least four vehicles at the end of summer.

In September, partisans in Mariupol disabled transformers that supplied electricity to the Russian base.

According to the information from the partisan movement Atesh, Russian occupiers are currently preparing to defend the temporarily occupied Mariupol.