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Nutritionist names 6 foods that no one should eat

Nutritionist names 6 foods that no one should eat
Author: Daryna Vialko

Some foods can be harmful to health. You should consider your body characteristics to avoid problems. The nutritionist named several foods that should not be consumed, according to Ukrainian nutritionist Olesia Dobrianska.

According to the expert, some food may not have a high nutritional value, but this doesn't mean it should be demonized and excluded from the diet.

Labeling food as "bad" or "junk" creates a sense of guilt. This guilt can lead to overeating.

Your diet should include both tasty and healthy foods. You can eat a fresh salad, buckwheat with chicken, and have a pastry for dessert. This is normal, balanced, and healthy eating.

The nutritionist listed foods that should not be eaten, considering individual characteristics:

  • Foods you are allergic to
  • Foods that do not fit your budget
  • Spoiled food
  • Food waste
  • Trendy foods that you do not like
  • Foods that make you feel uncomfortable

Other potentially harmful foods

Chips and French fries

Chips are a mix of carbohydrates and fat, colorings, and flavor substitutes. There's also no benefit in dishes like French fries. Often, non-organic potatoes are used in chip production, which are grown with pesticides and other chemicals.

Processed and smoked meats

Processed meat products, such as smoked meats, bacon, sausages, and hot dogs, contain hormones, nitrates, and other harmful additives.

Carbonated drinks

These are completely chemical products. They contain preservatives, flavor additives, and colorings. Consuming sugary sodas can disrupt metabolism. Additionally, the high amount of colorings can cause severe allergic reactions, and the carbon dioxide increases stomach acidity, leading to gastritis.

Fast food

Besides causing obesity and raising blood sugar levels, fast food is also harmful to the nervous system. Moreover, such food causes addiction in both children and adults. All instant products – noodles, soups, mashed potatoes, and instant juices – are also harmful to your health.

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The trainer also named foods that you need to eat to be healthy.

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