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Number of fatalities due to Shahed attack in Kharkiv increased

Number of fatalities due to Shahed attack in Kharkiv increased The number of fatalities in Kharkiv has increased due to the Shahed attack (photo:

Five people were killed and ten others were injured to varying degrees as a result of an attack on Kharkiv by Russian Shahed drones, according to Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

In addition to the three rescuers who arrived at the crash site to deal with the aftermath, another civilian casualty has been found.

"Another body of a civilian woman was discovered," he wrote.

According to the head of the region, at least five civilians were injured. Three people have been hospitalized, with one of the injured in critical condition.

Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov noted in his Telegram channel that at the site of the drone's second strike, four people were found dead and five were injured. However, there is another victim of the attack.

"In another part of the city, we have one confirmed fatality, with a direct hit on a private sector area," he said.

According to him, there may be power outages in some areas of the city. All emergency and municipal services, as well as volunteers, are working at the crash sites.

Updated 4:06: Oleh Syniehubov reported at least 10 injuries as a result of the occupiers' attack on Kharkiv.

"A 49-year-old man is in critical condition, while other patients are in moderate and mild conditions. Among the injured is a nurse from the Regional Emergency Medical Center, who was injured in the second strike while responding to a call," he said.

All the injured are receiving medical care.

Airstrike on Kharkiv

On the night of April 4, the Russian military launched a drone attack on Kharkiv using Shahed drones. Several UAVs damaged private and multi-story buildings.

During a subsequent strike, three rescuers engaged in the aftermath of the previous attack lost their lives.

The aggressor also deployed Shahed drones towards the southern regions.