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Not love, but manipulation: 10 signs he's not ideal man

Not love, but manipulation: 10 signs he's not ideal man Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ideal man - every woman's dream. But sometimes, it happens that the chosen one only wants to appear as the best in the world and actually manipulates your feelings.

What are the 10 signs indicating that the one next to you is not an ideal, but a manipulator, is told by RBС-Ukraine, according to Your Tango.

He seems perfect

It must be admitted that no one can be perfect in everything. And if he seems like the ideal match, consider whether he's trying too hard. Maybe he wants to conquer you so badly that lies have replaced all the truth.

He's inconsistent

If a man initially devotes maximum attention to you and then suddenly becomes distant, his heart isn't fully yours. Most likely, he's either involved with someone else or manipulating your feelings.

Not love, but manipulation: 10 signs he's not ideal man

Signs of a manipulator (photo:

Other people speak badly of him

When there are rumors about a man and others label him as a scoundrel, sometimes it's worth paying attention. Perhaps love has already blinded you, while disinterested people might see and understand more.

He avoids conflicts

If a man refuses to take responsibility for his choices or vehemently denies lying - run away from him. He'll keep lying, and nothing will change.

He becomes your "twin." There are no people who think alike and are similar in everything. And if he becomes your mirror image and does everything to merge your lives completely, you should think twice. Perhaps he wants to manipulate you and completely take away your individuality.

Not love, but manipulation: 10 signs he's not ideal man

How to understand when a man lies (photo:

He's always checking up on you

Distrust and suspicion from him should immediately raise a "red flag" for you. He doesn't need to constantly know where and with whom you spend time. It's not care; it's control and an attempt to make you his possession.

He constantly wants to help you

Of course, it's pleasant when someone doesn't abandon you in trouble. But when a man always wants to rescue you, he may dream of recognition and a hero status. And this is exhausting.

You are the center of his universe

If a man easily cancels all plans and even skips work for you, be cautious. He might be involving you in codependent relationships where he'll dissolve himself and pull you down.

Not love, but manipulation: 10 signs he's not ideal manMen you shouldn't trust (photo:

He complains about his crazy exes

In a breakup, both are always at fault. But when a man shifts all the blame onto his ex and only speaks badly about her, don't trust him. He's trying to appear good while hiding a lot.

Your intuition tells you something's wrong

Don't ignore your thoughts. If you feel he's insincere or it's just not worth being together, listen to this feeling. Perhaps subconsciously you already understand everything.

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