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Norwegian volunteer loses life in Ukraine's war

Norwegian volunteer loses life in Ukraine's war Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the battles for Ukraine, a volunteer from Norway was killed; he was assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine in combating the Russian occupiers, according to a statement made by the mayor of the commune of Ibestad, Jim Kristiansen.

"It's extremely sad when something like this happens," Kristiansen said.

The mayor mentioned he wasn't aware of the details surrounding the death but was informed about the event by the municipality's director on Tuesday afternoon. According to him, the closest relatives were informed about it on the same day. The news agency noted that the volunteer was 20 years old.

"All resources, both the crisis team and the psychological service, are ready if the relatives wish for it," added the commune's mayor.

Volunteers from various countries around the world are fighting for Ukraine.

On Ukraine's side in the war against Russia, volunteers from different countries are engaged in the conflict. Unfortunately, some have lost their lives during the fighting.

For instance, on September 30, not far from Lymanske in the Donetsk region, Estonian volunteer Tanel Kriggul was killed.

Moreover, four Belarusian volunteers from the battalions Litvin and Volia have lost their lives in the war in Ukraine.

Yesterday, it was reported that Irish volunteer Graham Dale was killed in the war in Ukraine. He was fighting against the Russian occupiers within the ranks of the Ukrainian army.