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North Korea plans to change status of South Korea in constitution

North Korea plans to change status of South Korea in constitution North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (photo: Getty Images)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has proposed amending the constitution of his country to recognize South Korea as a separate state. He also warned that North Korea does not seek war but is prepared for it if necessary, according to Reuters .

Kim Jong Un stated that reunification with South Korea is impossible and accused the country of seeking the collapse of the regime in North Korea and unification through absorption.

"We don't want war but we have no intention of avoiding it," quoted KCNA.

Kim Jong Un called for amendments to the North Korean constitution to designate South Korea as enemy number one. According to him, a war with South Korea would lead to its destruction and unbelievable defeats for the United States.

Additionally, Kim Jong Un mentioned that in the event of war in North Korea, the constitution should reflect issues of occupation, reclamation, and incorporation of the South into its territory.

Earlier, we reported that North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile. The European Union strongly condemned this launch.

By the way, North Korea may sell a new type of ballistic missile to Russia.

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