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New round of talks on ceasefire in Gaza to take place in Egypt this week

New round of talks on ceasefire in Gaza to take place in Egypt this week A new round of talks on a ceasefire in Gaza will take place in Egypt this week (photo: GettyImages)

On Monday, April 29, a delegation of Hamas militants will visit Egypt for a new round of ceasefire talks, according to Reuters.

The militants will discuss a proposal for a ceasefire conveyed to Hamas by mediators from Qatar and Egypt, as well as Israel's response. The delegation is expected to respond to Israel's latest proposal for a phased ceasefire in Gaza, made on Saturday.

According to sources, this includes an agreement to release fewer than 40 hostages in exchange for the release of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons, and a second stage of the ceasefire that includes a period of sustained calm.

After the first stage, Israel will allow free movement between the south and north of Gaza and partial withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, a source reported.

Also discussed was an increase in the pace of humanitarian aid delivery, including preparations for the opening of new checkpoints in Gaza.

The talks will be between the Hamas delegation, and Qatari and Egyptian mediators to discuss the group's comments on Israel's response to its recent proposal.

"Hamas has some questions and inquires over the Israeli response to its proposal, which the movement received from mediators on Friday," the official told the source.

War in Israel

Hamas militants invaded Israeli territory on October 7, 2023, killing and capturing civilians. Israel declared war in the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas.

On April 26, Egypt resumed ceasefire talks in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, it became known that Israel had warned Hamas terrorists of a massive military operation in the city of Rafah if the militants did not agree to the ultimatum.

A week ago, according to The Times of Israel, the IDF conducted a raid in the West Bank.