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New aid package to be delivered to Ukraine 'as quickly as possible' - US general

New aid package to be delivered to Ukraine 'as quickly as possible' - US general Photo: US General Charles Q. Brown (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The US has promised to send arms from a new aid package for Ukraine "as quickly as possible", according to the Voice of America.

The Pentagon was waiting for the adoption of the bill on additional funding for Ukraine and was focused on planning further steps for a long time. Therefore, the US military department will deliver the necessary arms from the aid package, approved by President Joe Biden, "as quickly as possible".

"As you might imagine that what we do in the Department of Defense is plan and we plan a lot...National defense level has been something we’ve been focused on for a while and seeing that we were getting closer and closer...We’re well postured with the authorities and movement of munitions to Ukraine...So we’re moving out and we’ll get capability to Ukraine as quickly as possible," said General Charles Q. Brown.

Brown's statements have become one of the numerous statements of American officials who, following the approval of additional funding by Congress and the signing of the corresponding law by President Biden, promise to deliver military assistance to Ukraine in the shortest terms possible.

Aid for Ukraine

Yesterday, April 24, the American president signed a law providing financial and military assistance to Ukraine, which had been under consideration for almost six months.

The aid package entails allocating $1 billion from the US budget. Biden emphasized that the assistance would be delivered to Ukraine within hours.

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