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Never mix alcohol with these products: It'll be worse than hangover

Never mix alcohol with these products: It'll be worse than hangover Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The most well-known consequence of excessive alcohol consumption is a hangover. However, consuming certain beverages and products can worsen these symptoms or trigger other unwanted reactions in the body.

Which products should not be combined with alcohol, reports RBC-Ukraine, according to StronaZdrowia.

What is known about hangovers

A hangover is the most common reaction of the body to excessive alcohol consumption, with the more severe consequence being alcohol poisoning, which occurs with the intake of large amounts of alcohol.

Hangovers typically manifest as headaches and nausea.

It is an unpleasant condition caused by dehydration, low sugar levels, fatigue, and the presence of toxic acetaldehyde in the body, formed during the breakdown of alcohol by the liver.

Hangovers usually appear about 10 hours after alcohol consumption and can last for over a day.

It should be distinguished from alcohol poisoning, which can be hazardous to health and even lead to death. Alarming symptoms of alcohol poisoning that require immediate medical intervention include:

  • speech and movement impairment,
  • drowsiness or loss of consciousness,
  • slow or irregular breathing,
  • low body temperature,
  • skin color changes,
  • seizures,
  • loss of consciousness
  • or unresponsiveness to stimuli.

What should not be mixed with alcohol

To avoid unpleasant consequences of alcohol consumption, it's better to abstain from drinking or significantly limit it.

However, if choosing to drink, besides moderation, it's essential to remember not to combine strong alcohol with drinks containing taurine and caffeine.

Consuming such mixtures can have unpredictable and unpleasant consequences.

Strong alcohol with energy drinks - research shows that alcohol combined with taurine - a key ingredient in energy drinks - increases, among other things, the tendency towards more risky and aggressive behavior. Additionally, energy drinks contain caffeine, which masks the depressive effects of alcohol. They make the drinker feel more sober than they actually are, leading to uncontrolled alcohol consumption and even poisoning. Moreover, the caffeine content in these drinks can cause increased heart rate and dehydration.

Mixing different types of alcohol - one of the famous drinks, composed of white rum, gin, silver tequila, and maraschino, is the Long Island Iced Tea.

Though it's called tea due to its appearance, it has nothing to do with it. It's a very strong drink that can quickly lead to intoxication and a severe hangover due to the liver being overloaded with various types of alcohol and their ingredients.

It's also one of the highest-calorie drinks among popular beverages, with an average calorie content of about 285 kcal.

Fatty food, salty snacks, and dairy products - when consuming alcohol, it's necessary to eat nutritious but not heavy food that won't burden the liver.

It's also important to be cautious with popular salty snacks, which provide the body with a lot of salt, leading to additional dehydration.

Furthermore, consuming dairy products like yogurt or kefir alongside alcohol, leading to protein coagulation, can result in stomach pain and diarrhea.

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