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Netherlands army seeks to be 'fully prepared' for war with Russia

Netherlands army seeks to be 'fully prepared' for war with Russia Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands army, General Martin Wijnen, has emphasized the need for preparedness for a potential war with Russia, reports De Telegraaf.

According to Wijnen, the country must be fully prepared for a possible armed conflict with Russia.

He also mentioned that the Netherlands should follow the example of Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries. These nations either share borders or are located close to Russia, and, according to the army leader, their populations are better prepared for a war with a "big neighbor."

"The Netherlands should learn again that the entire society must prepared in case something goes wrong," Wijnen said.

He added that for citizens this means having reserves of food and drinking water.

"The Netherlands should not think that security is guaranteed for us because we are 1500 kilometers away," noted the general.

"Russia understands only one language - strong armed forces," Wijnen stated, emphasizing the need for the Netherlands to significantly strengthen its army.

Assistance from the Netherlands to Ukraine

It is noteworthy that recently the government of the Netherlands decided to prepare the first 18 F-16 fighter jets for transfer to Ukraine.

Additionally, as part of the first support package for Ukraine in 2024, the Dutch government will allocate 102 million euros for humanitarian aid and urgent needs. This amount is part of the country's reserved assistance exceeding 2 billion euros.

A few days before this decision, the Dutch parliament temporarily suspended the voting rights of three deputies from a pro-Russian party for one week.