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Netanyahu reveals when Israel ends war with Hamas

Netanyahu reveals when Israel ends war with Hamas Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: Getty Images)

Israel will continue to fight in the Gaza Strip until Hamas is eliminated and all other war objectives are achieved. The prospects for reaching a peace agreement are diminishing, states Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"The will of the fallen is our mission. We will stand by it," stated the head of government in his social media post following the Cabinet meeting.

According to Netanyahu, the Israeli government's goal is to free all hostages held in the Gaza Strip and transform the territory into one that will never again pose a threat to Israel.

"To whoever doubts the achieving of these goals, I reiterate: There is no substitute for victory. We will not end the war until we achieve all of these goals," added the Prime Minister.

Peace plan for the Gaza conflict

The US is pushing Israel to agree to a ceasefire deal consisting of three parts and supported by several countries, including France, the UK, Egypt, Qatar, and the European Commission.

The agreement includes several conditions such as the withdrawal of Israeli forces from cities in the Gaza Strip, provision of humanitarian aid, and the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Hamas returning some hostages and Israeli soldiers held captive.

However, tense diplomatic negotiations between the two sides risk yielding no results as Israel and Hamas refuse to agree on the course of negotiations regarding the implementation of the ceasefire deal.

Hamas seeks to focus negotiations primarily on prisoner exchanges, while the Israeli government insists that talks must also address the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

Recently, Netanyahu stated readiness to agree only to a partial ceasefire deal that would allow Israel to continue military operations in the Gaza Strip.