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Nearly 500,000 residents in Crimea without electricity, Authorities

Nearly 500,000 residents in Crimea without electricity, Authorities Almost 500,000 people in Crimea are without electricity (Photo: GettyImages)

Almost 500,000 people in temporarily occupied Crimea were left without electricity due to inclement weather, according to Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the head of Crimea.

"Power lines labeled as 166 - 10kV, TP-1185, and 0.4-365, serving a population of 498 thousand, were disconnected due to the recent weather conditions," announced a statement.

The districts most affected by the situation are reportedly Chornomorsky, Saksky, Belogorsk, Simferopol, Oktyabrsky, Bakhchisaray, and Leninsky.

The governor of Sevastopol, who is currently occupying the role, stated that the strong winds caused 3 injuries. Additionally, 63 trees, 3 billboards, roofs of 20 houses, facades of 3 buildings, and 17 vehicles suffered damage due to the same reason. He additionally stated that the storm's peak is yet to come.

Online videos depicting the situation in Crimea show that the storm caused power outages for nearly half a million people.

A powerful storm in Crimea

On November 26, a severe storm struck the temporarily occupied Crimea. The Russian military had dug trenches on the beach in Yevpatoria, but the sea washed them away.

Additionally, strong winds destroyed Zolotoy beach near Balaklava and cut off a gas pipeline in Saki. In the village of Geroyevske, Kerch district, the storm blocked access to 40 houses.