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Navy Forces explain the importance of Boyko Towers release

Navy Forces explain the importance of Boyko Towers release The Ukrainian Navy Forces have highlighted the importance of reclaiming the Boyko Towers (photo:

After the return of the Boyko Towers under Ukrainian control, Russia has lost the capability to use them for monitoring military developments in the Black Sea, states Dmytro Pletenchuk, the Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

He emphasized that the liberation of these platforms is not only significant for Ukraine as a whole but also for bolstering the coastal defense in the Odesa region. This is facilitated by the fact that the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (GUR) dismantled Russian equipment that occupiers had used to monitor the situation in the Black Sea.

"This allows us to keep them devoid of pertinent information, rendering them unable to react promptly or plan anything within our waters. Therefore, the importance of this extends greatly to the Odesa region in the first instance. It's a matter of security," stated Dmytro Pletenchuk.

He also added that the successful execution of the operation was supported by the coastal missile and artillery forces of the Ukrainian Navy, which prevented the presence of hostile ships near the platforms.

However, full control over the Black Sea can only be established under the condition of air superiority.

"Regaining full control over this area, we're talking about 25,000 square kilometers, will happen when we can assert full dominance in the air. We hope that the presence of new weapon systems, such as the F-16, will assist in ensuring air safety over the entire area," said Pletenchuk.

Regaining control over Boyko Towers

Today, the Ukrainian Military Intelligence (GUR) announced that they have successfully regained control over the offshore oil drilling platforms near the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea. These platforms were seized back in 2015 and subsequently towed closer to Crimea. Russia had been using them, among other purposes, for military activities.

In the intelligence report, it was clarified that the special operation consisted of:

  • Infiltration to the Boyko Towers on inflatable boats;

  • Clearing the facilities and dismantling Russian reconnaissance equipment;

  • Confrontation with Russian aircraft;

  • Evacuation of "Conan," a soldier who found himself overboard and spent 14 hours in the open sea.

For more details on how Ukrainian military personnel were able to carry out such a special operation, you can read the article by RBC-Ukraine.